Schools, Districts & Nonprofit Partners

Need any assistance for your students or with your nonprofit? Want to spread awareness of your nonprofit or partner with Scholars for Scholars, to expand both our reaches? Scholars for Scholars is looking to help!

What we offer:


Our highly qualified volunteers are available by appointment and are ready to help. If you are looking for homework help or would like further instruction on a lesson you just can’t quite grasp, our free tutoring services might just be what you are looking for! For more information about the courses we offer and how to sign up, please visit our tutoring page.


Our mentors range from all different educational, personal, and professional backgrounds, with experiences in anything from studying abroad to interview tips, or Greek life to student athletics and most everything in between. Every story is valued here and our mentors are ready to help. We pair our mentors with mentees based on a detailed mentorship quiz and always try to find you, your perfect match. If you would like a mentor to help guide you on you journey, whether it be college or career, please visit our mentoring page.


Our Q&A’s are set up with our students success in mind. We cover topics ranging from financial aid, to choosing a major, to how I adjusted to college, and anything in between. We collect your questions and our expert panelists answer them to the best of their abilities. We encourage family members to attend and would love your suggestions for future Q&A’s. We record and post all past Q&A’s in case you are unable to attend, however we would love to see you there! For upcoming Q&A’s, please visit our Q&A page.


Our events include things like, reviews hosted by our tutors, bingo or jeopardy nights, magic shows, career days, speaker events and more. These fun and informational events are a great way to spend your family night. For upcoming events, please visit our events page.


Our resources page was built on the idea of collecting all the scholarships, internships, mental health resources, and opportunities our dedicated team could find and put them all in one easy and accessible place for our students. Our team is constantly adding new links, so we encourage you to keep exploring this page. To explore these opportunities, please visit our resources page. Coming soon.


Our blog is written or videoed by our amazing teams and range from academic topics like how to solve molarity problems, or more fun articles like how I decorated my dorm room. We post these often, so please keep checking back to make the most of this helpful resource. To check out these posts, please visit our blog page. Coming soon.


Our biweekly newsletter contains organization updates, new blog posts, upcoming Q&A’s and events, and more! To sign up for our newsletter, please either fill out the popup when you first visit our website or you can sign up on this newsletter page. Coming soon.