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Scholars for Scholars partners closely with other nonprofits to spread awareness of our free resources and to spread awareness of other nonprofit’s resources. If you would like more information about our services or philosophy, please feel free to reach us by email at or call our direct line at (646) 439-4748.

If you would like to partner with us, first of all we want to thank you and secondly you can do so by filling out the following form:

Let's talk about numbers:


of teens 13-1 years old say they are under a lot of pressure to produce good grades.

(Pew Research Center, 2019)


of American high schoolers and 50% of middle schoolers describe themselves as “often or always feeling stressed” by schoolwork.

(The Washington Post, 2019)


In the United States, on average, there is 15 students to every one teacher.

(Based on US Government Records)

Volunteer statistics

Average Tutoring Hours Available 


Volunteer to Student Ratio


Average Volunteer Sign Ups per Week