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Who We Are

Our History

Scholars for Scholars was founded with the hope that eventually, no barrier to success would hold a student back from reaching their full potential. We do not limit our services based on income or region, but rather service all students who have a desire to reach their full potential and to foster their dreams, whatever they may be. Growing up, I saw there was a gap in services for students. There are expectations placed upon high school students to prepare and apply to colleges or jobs while balancing school, sports, hobbies, jobs, family and more, yet the resources available to these students seemed to be hidden, unattainable, or simply nonexistent. As the eldest child, I found the process of applying to colleges to be daunting and while I had the occasional meeting with my guidance counselor and the help of my parents who went to school years ago, I felt lost. An even more pressing issue I found was that as a fairly average student, I was forgotten. It is easy to help those failing, as it is evident on their transcripts and those at the top of the class seem to have countless opportunities presented to them. It was not until I entered college that I realized I had missed countless attainable opportunities in high school that very well could have helped in my journey to college. My co-founder and I spoke about our similar experiences and decided that very day, we would do everything in our power to make sure that every opportunity was presented to our students, ensuring they have all they need to be successful and to make sure their dreams would never be limited by the opportunities and help they did not know about. We pooled our savings and purchased all the necessary startup services which was not easy as full college students, but we knew it was necessary and we have never once regretted our decision. What started as a dream of becoming a university club, quickly turned into a nonprofit after we were turned down by our university and numerous advisors who were unwilling to work with us. At the time, the news was completely disheartening, but it took all of one day for us to say “okay we will just do it by ourselves then” and this turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to us. We can now reach students and volunteers across the country and look forward to expanding even further as time progresses. We made lots of changes to our structure and style along the way, but our goal has and will always remain the same. As pre-med students, we had no business experience, but as lifelong learners we were and remain excited for the journey. We have hit countless bumps in the road, but continue moving forward always because this is bigger than us.

Our mission

Scholars for Scholars is a nonprofit organization focused on providing opportunities and support to all students. Everyone has a scholar within them, our goal is to bring them to fruition. There are immense opportunities open to all students, ranging from internships to fellowships, studying abroad to joining the military, and everything in-between. We are a one stop shop for anything you may need on the way to your successful future. Whatever path you choose, college or career, we are here for you. Scholars for Scholars was founded with a vision to foster every students’ future. We’ve created a safe space for our scholars to flourish and be successful. Our vision was to create a place equipped with every resource a student could need to shine, not only catering to educational needs but also building strong social networks. Unfortunately, we understand not every student is equally informed or prepared for their future however, we are here to provide any and every resource to aid in their path to success. Through free tutoring, mentoring, insightful articles, mental health resources and a list of as many available internships and scholarships as our dedicated volunteers can find, we at Scholars for Scholars strive everyday to ensure that there are no barriers to our students’ success.
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Our values

Mission Statement

We want to create a platform built on a foundation of motivated volunteers, where all students’ journeys are valued and fostered to aid in their academic and future success. Becoming a one stop shop for anything our students need is our top priority.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to create a world without barriers to success and a world where every student has an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.