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$25 Gift can provide

Tutor Tablet

We purchase tablets for our tutors to make tutoring easier for both parties. The tablets plug in to a laptop, allowing the tutor to draw and write legibly.

$50 Gift can provide

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events have small start up fees, however they help tremendously in the growth of our organization.

$75 Gift can provide

Mentor Sessions

The platform we use to pair our mentors and mentees puts a strain on our budget, however it is well worth the cost, to find the best matches possible.

$150 Gift can provide

Raising awareness

Advertisements have become quite costly, but remain a necessary purchase in order to expand our reach.

$100 Gift can provide


Daily maintenance costs eat into our budget and prevent us from hosting fun events, purchasing tutoring supplies, advertising, and more.


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Scholars for Scholars Inc. can accept non-cash donations as well!

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